Saturday, February 19, 2011

I've got worms

It's been a crazy long time since I have blogged here, but mainly because 1) I haven't been doing any gardening, 2) I haven't done any projects around the house and 3) because I have been trying to actually read printed books.

Anyway, we started in the backyard today. We cleaned, we fixed, we threw away. We also planted and fixed some sprinkler lines, however there is still SO much left to be done. I will post pictures later of the before and after of just today, but let me tell you an interesting predicament we found ourselves in today...

We were moving everything out of the backyard to the front yard so we could sweep, weed, and fix the terrible destruction that was left from the dogs and the freezing temps over the winter. I looked down on the ground and saw that there was an earth worm. They creep me out even though I used to play with them as a kid, so I found a shovel and carefully scooped him up, and tossed it in the grass, because you know, worms are good for the soil or something.

Well I started moving some other things, and look down and found like 5 more. So I scooped them and threw them into the grass. Then I moved the door mat and there was like a whole colony of worms. We moved Lucy's play house, and there was a rival colony but only 4 times as large. Everywhere we looked or moved chairs, tables, potted plants, whatever, there were worms under them. It was really really gross. I mean, I kinda felt breakfast coming back up on me.

Like the heavens above where answering a prayer, out bug guy showed up for our monthly spraying. We discussed the grossness of the worms and he said what he thinks happened, is last year in my gardening, I might have bought a bag of top soil that was filled with worm eggs. Kinda makes me gag reliving this, but hey, you need to know. So he sprayed everywhere, and the worms started to die. Some still ended up in the grass, but the majority of them died.

I am hoping we don't see many more in the upcoming weeks, but I am sure they will around for a while longer. All I know, is that it was the most peculiar thing I have ever seen. And I am sure I will dream about worms all night long. BLEH!