Tuesday, June 22, 2010

I have been bugging Matt for weeks now about getting a hummingbird feeder. I wanted one so badly. He kept saying no. Well, I no longer want one. I walked outside this morning to take the picture of the canopy and there where TWO hummingbirds at my new Trumpet Vine. So two of my obsessions have been fulfilled in one purchase.

> I am happy to present to you, our new canvas cover

Thursday, June 17, 2010


The canopy we ordered will be on my door step on Monday :P

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We picked this bad boy up off for $60. It sells at Target brand new for $500. The replacement canopy is sold out everywhere except like one website, so we picked it up there for about $100. For approx $160 we have a canopy gazebo in our backyard. The replacement canopy should be here in about 3-5 days, hopefully we will be lucky and it will get here by Saturday, which means Father's Day will be spent back here. Which will hopefully also include our new mister system that I want to install :)

(Dad this is your unofficial invite over :P)

This weekend I am picking up some vines called Orange Trumpet Vines to plant next to one of the pilars and I am also putting one or two out in the front side yard. If all goes well I will also be planting four new rose bushes as well.

Oh and dad, if you come over, I might need your help setting up the new sprinkler station :)

It is going to be a busy weekend!

On my way home from work today I stopped by Joanne's where they were having a sale on all their outdoor decor for like 60% off. I found these hooks and lanterns and I also got flameless candles, plus a bunch of garden gnomes and some signs for my veggies for like $40. My favorite so far are these lanterns and the flameless candles. I simply cannot wait for a BBQ :P

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not to keep you in the dark....

But I need shade. Lots of it. I think I finally have Matt convinced that we need to buy a canvas top patio cover. They have them on sale at Big Lots for like $200 which is a HUGE break from the one we looked at at Target for $600. It will help do a number of things:

1. It will provide shade over our patio table since our umbrella broke in the horrid wind storms we had this year.
2. It will help provide more lighting, as I will be able to string lights around the edges of the cover
3. It will help keep the sun from beating down through my sliding glass door so that our living room doesn't turn into a sauna during the summer months
4. It will save us almost $700 because instead of Matt building one out of wood (that he will figure out how not to finish because he has a habit of not finishing projects).

And so there you go. I think we will be picking it up Father's Day weekend.

On to the garden....
I bought some burlap to use as a shade cover for my veggie garden because the sun is just wilting everything. I am trying to figure out how to attach the burlap to make a shade cover. And not that my garden will need shade in about a week or two because I think my sunflower is getting big enough to cover the whole garden in it's leaves!

I also picked up three of the most interesting and beautiful mini cacti ever in the world, but it was too dark when we got home to take a picture. But I will this weekend.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's getting too hot (Part 1)

So since it is getting too hot out, as I stated before we are going to be working more on the inside of the house. This weekend it was Project Office. We inherited two bookshelves from my grandparents in March and they fit and completed our desk set we already had. They don't match 100% but you can't hardly tell they don't. Adding the shelves involved almost reconstructing the whole office. The pictures below are the aftermath of the additions.

And apparently this is how we have been filing our taxes for the past 6 years.....

It's getting too hot (Part 2)

After a few hours of organizing and actually filing our taxes, this is the end result. It is so nice to have a functional office again. And now I might actually get some of my scrapbooking done, seeing as I am over a year overdue on Lucy's books!

I am scared....very scared....

This is my sunflower plant that my dad gave me seeds for. This is after three weeks after I planted, maybe a month. And it is over a foot tall now.

I am scared.

On a side note, I found it almost swarming with ants. Thanks to Mandi over at It Grows in Vegas, I remembered that cinnamon keeps ants away. So I just sprinkled some in my garden, hopefully they will be gone soon.

Oh, and I need some advice. All my garden plants are in full sunlight all day long. I want to shade them but I am just not coming up with the right idea....So I need your help! Please leave your ideas in my comments box....Dad and Candy this means you :)

Garden updates

I planted a climbing rose bush about a month ago, and I thought I was losing it. This just goes to show you, that I am not in fact losing it. It is just a slow grower. Below are some of my other newer rose bushes. I am proud to say, they are all growing quiet well and all are getting ready to bloom!

These pink flower are called Mexican Evening Primerose. I love them. They spread pretty easily and fast from what I hear, so I cannot wait for them to cover over all this rock in my side yard. And the plus is they smell incredible.