Thursday, June 10, 2010

Not to keep you in the dark....

But I need shade. Lots of it. I think I finally have Matt convinced that we need to buy a canvas top patio cover. They have them on sale at Big Lots for like $200 which is a HUGE break from the one we looked at at Target for $600. It will help do a number of things:

1. It will provide shade over our patio table since our umbrella broke in the horrid wind storms we had this year.
2. It will help provide more lighting, as I will be able to string lights around the edges of the cover
3. It will help keep the sun from beating down through my sliding glass door so that our living room doesn't turn into a sauna during the summer months
4. It will save us almost $700 because instead of Matt building one out of wood (that he will figure out how not to finish because he has a habit of not finishing projects).

And so there you go. I think we will be picking it up Father's Day weekend.

On to the garden....
I bought some burlap to use as a shade cover for my veggie garden because the sun is just wilting everything. I am trying to figure out how to attach the burlap to make a shade cover. And not that my garden will need shade in about a week or two because I think my sunflower is getting big enough to cover the whole garden in it's leaves!

I also picked up three of the most interesting and beautiful mini cacti ever in the world, but it was too dark when we got home to take a picture. But I will this weekend.


Daddd said...

Don't listen to Randi, Matt...Get the Man-Tools out and build that patio cover.........