Sunday, April 25, 2010

So here is my final project. I still have to run a sprinkler line to them. I tried to just tap into the pipe that is right there, but apparently it is also the main sprinkler line to the back yard. This means that I need a new valve and I need to create a new station for the side yard. I am not going to do that until I finish the rest of the side yard in a few weeks.
here is a close up to one of the pretty roses

Because we have such a fabulous builder (and I say that with the most sarcasm that I can drip from my pores) all this concrete was just buried under the rocks right there in my side yard. It was not easy trying to remove. At. All. And I am a little annoyed that I had to do it in the first place. Anyway, it's gone.

And here is a picture of my next challenge. Please ignore the boxes of trash that need to go out. The pile of dirt there is going to be my new rose garden. I am trying to find a good deal on Windsor wall bricks that will match the back yard. Then off to the left there we are going to get some more concrete pours to create a walk way from our front door to the backyard, because one would think in the planning of the exterior, our builder would have said "you know, our homeowners will probably one day need to move things from the front to the back so we should make it easier on them" But no. The decided to save the $100 per house, and not pour a pathway. So no we have to do it. Lame.