Sunday, April 25, 2010

This was my backyard in the construction process. Remember that the only thing that was back there before all this was the brick wall in the second picture. Other than that, everything, and I mean everything was dirt. And it was ugly dirty gross dirt. It made the dogs gross dirty. It was a million degrees in the back yard. It was terrible and ugly. I hated it, and at that point could care less if we moved or kept the house because it was like we just had negative space. And really, it was negative space.

Well anyway, Matt and I saved our pennies and made it work. I have been smitten ever since...


Daddddd said...

Very nice Randi....U have earned the title "Randi of the Roses"...Your yard is lookin' good and I am sure that Matt and the dogs and Louie really appreciate your efforts....Remember to "Call before U dig"........Dadddddd