Wednesday, June 16, 2010

We picked this bad boy up off for $60. It sells at Target brand new for $500. The replacement canopy is sold out everywhere except like one website, so we picked it up there for about $100. For approx $160 we have a canopy gazebo in our backyard. The replacement canopy should be here in about 3-5 days, hopefully we will be lucky and it will get here by Saturday, which means Father's Day will be spent back here. Which will hopefully also include our new mister system that I want to install :)

(Dad this is your unofficial invite over :P)

This weekend I am picking up some vines called Orange Trumpet Vines to plant next to one of the pilars and I am also putting one or two out in the front side yard. If all goes well I will also be planting four new rose bushes as well.

Oh and dad, if you come over, I might need your help setting up the new sprinkler station :)

It is going to be a busy weekend!


Daddd said...

Phreakin' Cool Man (or Manette)

Louie is goin' to be lovin' life!.....Your house will immediately be cooler also...Have a party and we will have some Tuna Colatas........


Randi said...

what are tuna colatas?