Sunday, May 23, 2010

The following are the cacti that we got from my friends over at Cactus Rescue. Even though I did exactly what they told me to do when planting, ie using gloves and tongs (I used my BBQ tongs) I still got bit twice. And this little guy in particular is very vicious. He doesn't look it, but he is. I haven't decided what I am going to name this one, but Little Shit comes to mind right off the bat ;). But anyway, my friend Jarrett said that with water, this guy will be more than likely three times this size by next year (at least that is what I remembered). So I put him on a dripper, but it is almost completely closed up.
This guy also hasn't been named. I also cannot remember what his real name is either. What I do know is that he will bloom. And it will be very pretty.

Matt and I have been in a debate on what Jarrett said about how old this one is. Matt says he heard he is approx. 100 years, I say I heard 30. Jarrett if you read this, will you clear this debate up? I am hoping that we don't lose him. When I took him out of the pot to plant him, I thought the root broke off, but maybe it was just really small. I do remember Jarrett saying that they don't have a very big root to them so maybe he will live afterall.
We did name this one, and his name is Sonic. As in the hedgehog. He is tough and rough and really really awesome!!!
Here is the finished product:


Anonymous said...

Your cactus look good....Daddd