Sunday, May 23, 2010

When I walked out this morning, my red roses were in full bloom. They are so pretty.

The bogenvia, is going insane. I picked up some wire anchors and wiring to make a permanent lattice. After gluing it, you have to wait 24 hours before installing the wires. I am probably just going to wait until next weekend unless I get a bug up my butt to do it this week.

The honeysuckle is looking pretty good too.

These neat little purple plants are from my dad's garden. He gave me a bunch a few weeks when we were over there for a visit. I thought that I was losing them, but yesterday when I inspected them, they had bloomed. I am so excited. I love them and think they are so pretty.

This is the other half of what he gave me. I really thought this one was done for. There are three stalks here, and I honestly think that two of them are gone, but if you look can see a bloom on the third. Again, I am stoked.