Saturday, May 8, 2010

Two items on my list done this weekend

Here is what I worked on this weekend. My tomato plant was getting a little wild, so I had to tame it with a lattice thing. In the process of tying it up, I accidentally broke a few branches off, some that included some tomatoes. I felt like a huge jerk, but seeing as I have a million tomatoes on it as it is, I just buried what broke off in hopes of making some mulch out of it. I also raked up the dirt and put in some fresh soil.

Here is a picture of my cucumber plant. When I bought this, it was just one leaf. Now it is a huge vining plant and it's getting a little out of control.

Here is my baby bouganvia that I thought I was loosing, but, it came back to life after all!

In this little dirt space I planted some sunflower seeds my dad gave me, as well as the hollyhock seeds and some lettuce seeds.

Over in this little area of dirt, I planted the mystery seeds that my step mom gave me.

My little gnome on guard.

And these little seedlings are some mystery herbs that are growing.